Plaquemines Parish Coastal Erosion

About This Site

It is fairly evident to most that coastal wetlands, specifically in Louisiana, are diminishing, but does this have any practical importance to the public, especially the inhabitants of this area, and nature? As a 22-year resident of Plaquemines Parish, I have noticed significant changes within the wetlands of this area, especially after Hurricane Katrina, and have personally felt the effects these changes have on local communities and their livelihood. As of now, there seems to be little to no action towards the restoration of Louisiana's coast, indicating a lack of national concern. My goal through this website is to provide a sufficient amount of scientific data from federal and state government agencies that will support the personal testimonies, anecdotes, and interviews from a number of locals, including myself, and hopefully portray the significant importance and value these wetlands have on many people, as well as why we as a nation should take every effort possible to curb the detrimental effects of coastal erosion. In addition to the collection of personal data, this website also provides community information on Plaquemines Parish to give visitors a general idea of the area being surveyed. 

Although each section is meant to add to the next, the pages can be explored in any order. If you're looking for scientific facts, review the Coastal Erosion Overview and General Community Information pages. If you're looking for personal information, explore the Anecdotes and Interviews and Personal Reflection pages. The Photo Gallery is a collection of photos of family, friends, and the most important component, the wetlands. This visual data is meant to show not only the extent of damage done to the marsh, but also the severe damage to the local lifestyle. Also, if you have any comments or concerns feel free to discuss them on the the Blog--the more we talk the more others become aware of the issue Louisiana faces.

This is a preliminary website started as a small-scale project, but may be added to in the future as more information becomes available. So overall enjoy the site and remember to "think globally, and act locally."